Hi there.

My name is Scott Witman.

In July 2016, I sold everything that wouldn't fit into a medium-size, black Samsonite suitcase and a small, North Face backpack with a broken zipper. I now have one pair of shoes: New Balance hiking boots. Yes. You heard me correctly. New Balance makes hiking boots.

Los Angeles and the television industry had been my home for nearly 20 years.

I made good money. I had nice things. I had an interesting dating life that mostly resulted from OkCupid and Periscope in the few moments where there was actually time for that.

But I was unhappy to put it mildly.

My profession was so out of whack with normal business hours that it was nearly impossible to sustain a healthy relationship. Not that it was my main goal. However, two metrics of success come to mind regarding career and lifestyle (for people that don't travel for a living): 

1. You could have a dog, play with it at the park often, and talk to other dog owners on your morning walk without looking at your watch 9 times. 

2. You could maintain a healthy and rewarding relationship partially because you actually see that person from time to time. And I'm not talking about watching House of Cards in bed but doing actual things together at actual locations.

I started seeing a lot of psychics and Reiki healers to figure out why I was so dissatisfied. Then I realized that the people I was seeking help from were part of a tribe that I liked and admired.

I moved to Cusco, Peru on July 4, 2016 to find the world's greatest mystics.

This is a diary, of sorts, about that process.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful! 

And last, but not least: safe travels always.

Best regards,